Entrepreneurship and transferable skills

JHI and BioAtlantis will provide training in the area of entrepreneurship which will give the research fellows an understanding of the nature of applied science in the industrial sector, product development, and registration in line with EU and international regulations. The training will additionally touch upon different aspects of the establishment, organization, and management of new enterprises. Soft transferable skills which are not directly related to a particular work position, but can be applied to a wide range of different jobs and industries, will also be discussed. Training will be delivered via webinar. Topics include:

• Identification of opportunities to establish new enterprises; market analyses and preparation of business plans.

• Role of research and innovation (R&I) for the profitability and growth of business entities.

• Development of transferable skills like leadership, motivation, communication, and adequate time management.

• From applied research to registration: requirements to bring innovation to the market.